Pricing Details

What Is Included In Our Prices? All labour and materials are covered, including: All exterior cabinet surfaces Both sides of all doors Front faces and edges of drawer fronts - back sides are optional Prep work - includes minor wood repairs, caulking of cabinets (if required) and sanding of all surfaces after priming All surfaces to receive a high bonding primer to promote adhesion Prices include 2 finish coats max. on all surfaces *White, black or deep/clear based colours may require extra coats* (add 15%) Prices include 1 colour throughout - additional colours add $100.00 per colour change/addition What Is Not Included In Our Prices? Unexposed surfaces that cannot be seen from normal viewing angles (ie. tops of cabinets, bottom/top unseen edges of doors and drawers etc.) These areas can be done on request but extra charges will apply Caulking of door/drawer panels (if required) Add $6.50 per door/drawer Insides of cabinets - unless specified on quote Removal & replacement of door/drawer handles and bumpers - to be done by customer prior to job start date. Handles/bumpers to be replaced by customer after 3 day waiting period Installation of new replacement hinges Any major wood repairs, filling of handle holes etc. Removal/moving of any appliances and items from countertops, shelving etc. - to be done by customer prior to job start date Cleaning of cabinets - to be done by customer prior to job start date * Extra charges will apply to any items not done by customer (as per written quote), such as cleaning, handle/appliance removal etc. and ready by morning of job start date. * Hourly rate for any additional work as listed above or not included in our written quotes will be $75.00 per hour plus material costs. Questions? If you have any questions or concerns about anything not listed here please give us a call or email us.